OS (Organization Skill)

Eventually, there are many Student Activity Units/Community/Department Student Association. All of them are divided into 6 groups. However, I just joined some of them, because my schedule is kinda full.


What is HIMTI? It’s a Department Student Association only for Computer Science students. I wanted to join it, because it’s entertaining to be an activist in first year. I could learn soft skill and hard skill, get many new friends, and get more knowledge about organization.

  • BNCC

BNCC? It’s a Student Activity Units for every single student who wants to learn more and more about Computer. BNCC members would get trial class to clarify what their hiding talents, what their passions, or which learning and training class is appropriate for them. They will find what they need for campus and real life. Well, I also register to be an activist. It’s kinda tough to finish the quests. But, I don’t give up easily, because bright future is waiting for me.

  • B-Voice Radio

It’s the most cohesive Student Activity Units as the radio of campus. For sure, it’s really exciting and entertaining. I have intention to join it, but my study will be left. I need to choose, and I realize it’s not my time to play.

  • BSSC

BSSC? It’s a Community for boarders in Binus Square. I really want to join it, it will help me to get more friends and participate to solve problems together. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied and happy.

P.S. : I wonder what should I do for next, because BNCC and HIMTI are more important than BSSC for this time. Hopefully, my choice didn’t hurt anyone.

  • Associate Member

Well, it’s not a part of Student Activity Units/Community/Department Student Association. It’s a part time job. I registered for it because there are so many training about coding later. If I can pass the test, and then officially becoming an AM, I will try my best. I also need to reschedule my program for ultimate result.

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